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Responsive Regulation

This book transcends current debate on government regulation by lucidly outlining how regulations can be a fruitful combination of persuasion and sanctions. The regulation of business by the United St

ISBN10 : 0199879958 , ISBN13 : 9780199879953

Page Number : 216

Contract Law

This is a new type of book. It provides an index of the most useful and important academic and other writings on contract law, whether published in articles or journal chapters, or as books. These wri

ISBN10 : 1847315542 , ISBN13 : 9781847315540

Page Number : 250

Insincere Promises

How can a promise be a lie? Answer: when the promisor never intended to perform the promise. Such incidences of promissory fraud are frequently litigated because they can result in punitive damages aw

ISBN10 : 9780300127133 , ISBN13 : 0300127138

Page Number : 316

Super Crunchers

Companies used to rely on human experts and their years of experience to guide them. Now, cutting-edge organizations are mining the data and crunching numbers instead, to come up with more accurate, l

ISBN10 : 0719521033 , ISBN13 : 9780719521034

Page Number : 260

Pervasive Prejudice?

If you're a woman and you shop for a new car, will you really get the best deal? If you're a man, will you fare better? If you're a black man waiting to receive an organ transplant, will you have to w

ISBN10 : 0226033538 , ISBN13 : 9780226033532

Page Number : 446