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Say You Never Met Me

Until a few months ago, George, was a director of a London bank, but having done something reprehensible, dishonourable and possibly criminal, he has deserted his wife, and fled with his girlfriend, S

ISBN10 : 1906510210 , ISBN13 : 9781906510213

Page Number : 260

Murphy 39;s Law

Tom Murphy, a veteran of the famed New York Irish Brigade, is now the sheriff of Murdock, Texas. Haunted by ghosts of the past, Murphy has managed to build a decent life for himself and his family. Bu

ISBN10 : 1581245181 , ISBN13 : 9781581245189

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Don 39;t I Know You?

What would life be like if everyone you met thought they recognized you? Slaps on the back, free meals and drinks, included in every circle, but would it always be a good thing? Larry Smith had this g

ISBN10 : 1581244908 , ISBN13 : 9781581244908

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