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From Fatwa To Jihad

Malik was a freelance journalist working in northern England when the fatwa was declared against Salman Rushdie for his novel, The Satanic Verses. The book was publically burned in England and several

ISBN10 : 193555400X , ISBN13 : 9781935554004

Page Number : 266

Laskar Jihad

Studies on Southeast Asia 40 An in-depth study of the militant Islamic Laskar Jihad movement and its links to international Muslim networks and ideological debates. This analysis is grounded in extens

ISBN10 : 9780877277408 , ISBN13 : 0877277400

Page Number : 266


How does a group that operates terror cells and espouses violence become a ruling political party? How is the world to understand and respond to Hamas, the militant Islamist organization that Palestin

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Page Number : 336