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Mind Over Mind

Mind Over Mind explores the phenomenon of spirit possession from both anthropological and psychological perspectives. Spirit possession is ritually important in many cultures from India to Brazil to M

ISBN10 : 0585466785 , ISBN13 : 9780585466781

Page Number : 152

God Is Subversive

To Lee Griffith, being a peacemaker means much more than sporting PEACE T-shirts or voting for left-wing political candidates. Peacemaking is for him a daily practice of community formation, lifestyle

ISBN10 : 080286502X , ISBN13 : 9780802865021

Page Number : 165

The Dybbuk

The dybbuk, a dead person's soul that possesses a living person, is an ancient and fascinating part of Jewish folklore in Eastern Europe. The stories in this collection, none of which has been transla

ISBN10 : 9780871402622 , ISBN13 : 0871402629

Page Number : 148

Dolor Y Alegria

"Fascinating ethnography focuses on ways in which urbanization and rapid social change have affected family life and women at various life stages, including childhood, adolescence, marriage, childbear

ISBN10 : 9780299137946 , ISBN13 : 0299137945

Page Number : 239